A city that lets you color outside the lines
Eindhoven Brand
22 November 2016

A city that lets you color outside the lines

“Actually, it couldn’t be simpler: everything is possible, always. Especially here.” Three people, one bureau. It's the turn of HeyHeydeHaas to share their Eindhoven feeling with the world. Today, their Share the Vibe video was launched.

Possibilities everywhere
Erik Sjouerman, Elske van der Putten and Eric de Haas have a unique way of looking at design and promotion, which leads to the most amazing creative manifestations. With each project, one of the three takes the natural lead. For Share the Vibe this was Erik. “When I walk through the city I still feel like a little child. Everywhere I look I see possibilities, and that never ceases to amaze me. Eindhoven has long grown out of its toddler shoes, but you can still color outside the lines here. By letting your imagination run free, everything comes to life. Windows become eyes, cheerful monsters are hidden all over the place. It’s so easy, and that is exactly how it has to stay. For anyone with ideas, a good city is a blank canvas.”

Check out www.eindhoven.video for more information on Share the Vibe.