Eindhoven in top 10 'Best cities for talent'
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17 January 2017

Eindhoven in top 10 'Best cities for talent'

The results of the Global City Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 (GCTCI), a global ranking of cities that are competing for attracting and retaining talent, have been released today. It is with great pride we can announce that we received an 8th place in this ranking, leaving world-class cities like New York, London or Berlin behind us.

GCTCI is a renowned worldwide ranking that compares cities and regions in the fields of talent. This ranking is initiated by INSEAD Business School, and this year it is the first time that regions and cities have received a ranking as well. Before, there was only a ranking of countries for attracting and retaining talent. The GCTCI-ranking proves the international competitive force and economic value Eindhoven has for the Netherlands, as Brainport region.

The presence of big innovative companies with a worldwide reach (like Philips) is a clear advantage with attracting talent compared to our competitors; the combination of a small, liveable and easy-to-navigate city in combination with the presence of multiple world-class high-tech companies is a remarkable powerful and convincing feature. It provides many well-schooled and competent employees the best of both worlds, by placing them in a safe and family friendly community. Next to economic acitivity, INSEAD also took the social, cultural and philanthropic activities of the city into consideration when creating this ranking.

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