Eindhoven runner up for “European City of 2017”
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18 November 2016

Eindhoven runner up for “European City of 2017”

Eindhoven has been voted as a runner-up by a group of leading architects, planners and developers in the 2017 European City of the Year. The award was presented to Copenhagen at a ceremony in London on Wednesday.

Eindhoven, Garden City Reinvented
In the bidbook, Eindhoven tells her story about the relationship between green urban development at the beginning of the 20th century and how it’s done at present. The so-called ‘Garden City’ concept focused on a green infrastructure and the sharing of public space in order to keep a high quality in urban life. In the build up to the ceremony, a video was created to visualize the story of 'Garden City'.

Urbanism Awards
The annual Urbanism Awards, presented by the Academy of Urbanism, show how “great places” (including towns, villages and neighborhoods) are created and maintained. The sites are judged on leadership and governance, character, facilities, sustainability and connectivity.