Spotlight on everything Eindhoven stands for
Eindhoven Brand
1 February 2017

Spotlight on everything Eindhoven stands for

“Here in the city there is so much to show people and so much to be proud of.” Wouter Kooken and Wim van Heugten from production company Blickfänger are first this year to share their Eindhoven feeling with the world, in the latest Share the Vibe video. The previously launched videos (2016) can be found on

Gold mine of topics and talent
To Wouter and Wim, the city is a gold mine of topics and talent. That is why they chose to put the spotlight on STORM Eindhoven, a student team that developed and travelled around the world with electric touring motorcycles in 80 days. Wouter explains: “To us, this project captures everything that Eindhoven stands for: innovation, technology, thinking big, being unconventional, optimism, collaboration, and just doing. Young students who have an idea and then go for it, heart and soul. Strengthening each other by seeking out the right people to work with.”

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