Successful 15th DDW attracts more than 295,000 visitors
8 November 2016

Successful 15th DDW attracts more than 295,000 visitors

Dutch Design Week (DDW) looks back on a successful 15th edition. Eindhoven manifested itself as the centre of design and the future showcasing work of 2500 designers during the nine days of the festival. The event attracted an estimated record number of 295,000 visitors.

'The Making Of'
Under the banner of the theme ‘The making of’, this anniversary edition focused on the making process and the makers. The event showed a lot of work from renowned designers, but also, like every year, allowed young talent and the experiment to thrive. This took place in more than 430 curated exhibitions and presentations spread across 100 locations in the city.

This year, again, the DDW ambassadors made a key contribution to the week. Autonomous designer Maarten Baas explored the possibilities of interdisciplinary working and encouraged visitors and colleagues to look beyond borders with his exhibition Maarten Baas Makes Time. In a temporary restaurant, designed entirely by Maarten Baas, top chef Sergio Herman served his signature dishes.
Designer Bas van Abel emphasised the role of design in social issues and the development of sustainable products. With his new exhibition The Making of Your World he focused the attention on new schools of thought that can make the world better and fairer.