target groups

Eindhoven is a city with a clear focus. The matching philosophy, on which the city marketing strategy of Eindhoven is base, is therefore called:  ‘who chooses, will be chosen’.  This includes making strong choices in target groups. For the very fact that Eindhoven is the city of creative innovation, we would like to recruit target groups that feel attracted by it:

 This is the Eindhoven365’s core target group. It is an international target group which comes to Eindhoven because its members feel that this is the ideal location to realise their dreams. They are innovators who have had a technological, conceptual education and who are fascinated by creative innovation. They act at the intersection of technology and design and search for new chances there. They are experimenting global citizens, driven by the unknown.

 This is the target group which visits Eindhoven often for a shorter period of time estimated roughly between two days and two weeks. They have affinity for innovation and creativity. As Early Adaptors, they like being inspired, in order to develop new insights themselves, but also to inspire and influence their own (online) followers. That’s why the City Explorers act as city ambassadors, so to speak, who at the same time generate economical value by spending money on city hotels, restaurants, culture, retail and so on.

This target group considers Eindhoven to be the ideal location to start a tech business. They are the entrepreneurs who have to make sure that the region of Eindhoven builds its next ASML. They are decisive perfectionists. They  possess the drive to develop and market innovative products with sustainable value. They are often self-willed perfectionists, who own the perfect combination of a technological mind-set and business-skills.

Our residents
Next to recruiting target groups as mentioned above, we find it of the upmost importance that our own residents - who often are important clients - recognize themselves in our policy. They need to keep feeling connected to and be proud of their city. We are committed to build dynamic urban facilities which can be enjoyed and used by all residents.