another city trip

In 2016 we launched an international influencer campaign to attract more city explorers to the city of Eindhoven. Content Marketing Agency Zandbeek came up with the idea of an influencer campaign, called AnOther City Trip. In 24 hours, we shared the vibe of Eindhoven with lifestyle, travel and fashion bloggers from home and abroad. These city explorers then shared their experiences massively with their thousands of followers.

First edition
Via influencer platform The Cirqle we invited nearly 20 international bloggers from the UK, Germany and Belgium to spend 24 hours in Eindhoven. Divided into three groups (food, fashion and all-in-one), guided by a team of experts of the city, they went on a journey through Eindhoven.

In exchange for this fully catered trip they created buzz around the Eindhoven brand through their relevant channels. The great cooperation with all participants (hotels, retailers, food venues) generated a lot of reach, engagement, and share of voice. 

Another City Trip: The sequel
In 2017, we repeated the campaign, only this time we decided to focus on one country: Spain. 9 lucky Spaniards visited hotspots in the city centre, Strijp-S and Strijp-R, such as fashion and lifestyle shop Vielgut, VANE's brand new skybar and recently opened MisterSister. The popular food hall Downtown Gourmet Market, the renowned Van Abbemuseum and a visit to Piet Hein Eek were obviously also present in the program. 

In addition to social media, we also took the opportunity of the sequel to focus on other channels. For example, we used native advertising on Spanish news sites in which we highlight the blogs of the influencers. An extra chance to get Eindhoven into the Spanish spotlight!

With this campaign, we won a Dutch Interactive Award and an American Content Marketing Award. The campaign also was nominated for a NRW Marketing Award and two Digital Communications Awards.

2016 aftermovie:

 2017 aftermovie: