customer journey research city explorer

In the Eindhoven365 strategy we aim at Innovators as well as Early Adaptors. We do this through three, in our eyes important, talented target groups for the city. These core clients are the City Explorer, Tech Starter and Bright Talent. We believe that the City Explorer is mostly driven by design, the Tech Starter is mostly driven by technology and the Bright Talent connects those two.

By describing these three core clients we defined our ‘moon shot’, in which markets we want to play and who we would like to reach out to. Through research, we are creating a ‘deep dive’ into our three client groups via personal profiles and customer journeys. The research on Bright Talent and Tech Starter has been completed earlier this year. Now it’s time to look at the City Explorer.

Our guess it that this target group visits Eindhoven for a period no longer than 2 weeks. They have an affinity with innovation and creativity and their objective as Early Adopters is to gain inspiration and share that with their (online) followers. So the City Explorer actually acts as an ambassador for the city.

By researching this target group, we want to provide insight in where and how we can actively spread the message of Eindhoven. The third research is in full motion (in collaboration with research bureau Tech-to-Market). More soon.