eindhoven brand

Since its foundation, Eindhoven365 has been busy with the city’s brand development. After the organisational start, we used 2012 to investigate the identity of the city. Then, after a dynamic process with a Virtual Design Agency, we successfully launched the new Eindhoven brand in 2013. A brand that matches the city’s city marketing strategy and the associating spearheads Technology, Design and Knowledge. From that moment on, we are the 'Custodian of the Brand'. The keeper of the Eindhoven brand, so to speak.

The city of collaboration
So we guard the city’s brand and mentality. From that position, we introduce the brand at as many places as possible. Additionally, we transformed the existing brand identities, in all its forms, to the new, visual identity. But also city parties got to work with the brand. On stickers, posters, leaflets and in Christmas gift packages; the ‘vibes’ are gradually becoming visible all over city. This way, the brand will be accepted and carried out by the people of Eindhoven and will we meaning to the brand, together. That this method is considered to be inspiring, has been confirmed in 2015 when we won the ‘Dutch Design Award for Best Client’. And we are proud of that. In their report, the jury praises the courage we showed while taking on the Eindhoven Brand project. The collective collaboration that creates positive energy and leads to unconventional solutions for complex challenges. Matching Eindhoven, the city of collaboration.

Eindhoven brand in words
The Eindhoven brand doesn’t solely consist of images. The right brand story is even so important. That allows us to, not only correctly visualize the identity, but also describe it the right way. We do this in the form of an Eindhoven formula that, according to us, uncovers the city’s DNA spot-on: ‘Unconventional x Collaboration = Energy’. To give depth to the mentality and as an addition to the Technology, Design, Knowledge positioning, three brand values have been chosen as well: Imagine (the imagination to see the future), Experiment (dare to prototype the future) and Realize (the ability to realize dreams ‘hands-on’). We notice that this story resonates very well and supports the Eindhoven brand at making the right activation choices.