Keiblack, which started as the Eindhoven merchandise line, has continued to develop in recent years. What began as a clothing line with (mainly) black items has grown into a compact label with a website: 

In the first half of 2017, the first collection was released, which (mainly) consisted of black items. Not much later in 2018, the line got a further development, still with all-black clothing items but in better quality. Both collections were on display in the Brandstore (VVV) on the Stationsplein.


Jess-Oberlin_KeiBlack_Nick-Bookelaar.jpgJess Oberlin live @ Keiblack Cafe 2019.

Besides the fact that the collection expressed love for Eindhoven, the Keiblack label is the entrance to an unknown target group: the Eindhoven subcultures.

To get closer to this target group, the Keiblack Café became a fact. The café, located in the Brandstore and Coffeelab, was open for a limited time: all ten days of the Dutch Design Week 2019. In the café, individuals, art platforms, and more got a literal spot on stage. For this launch, the Brandstore turned black, inside and out. Therefore the city as well. 

To give this target group the attention it deserves, the website aired. At this online space, stories from and written by the community are getting published. Some of which have been collected during the opening of the Keiblack Café. The Keiblack merchandise line is also available on this platform.

Scherpontwerp, the merchandising department of PSV, and CC Fashions developed the merchandise line. Blendomatic was responsible for better quality concerning the second merchandise drop. The Keiblack Café was created by Scherpontwerp and ‘night mayor’ Siem Nozza, amongst others.