For a moment, it seemed like King's Day would be canceled for another year. They were looking for a city that would be technologically capable of organizing the annual festival in a unique way: online. Luckily, Eindhoven came through. Eindhoven, known for its technology, design, and knowledge, was asked to be the host city and receive the royal family. 

The assignment for the city was not only to design the event, which would be broadcasted on national television but also to create an online program that would call on people to celebrate King's Day safely. This eventually resulted in a program with the theme "KennisMaken" (separately: Knowledge & making; in Dutch, it literally translates into getting to know each other) to which Eindhoven365 contributed.



For safety reasons, the choice was made to 'celebrate' at a private location, the High Tech Campus. Here King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, and the princesses Amalia, Alexia, and Ariane were received by the municipality of Eindhoven in a studio where a large part of the King's Day program took place. The studio program included cooking with Michelin chef Dick Middelweerd (Treeswijkhoeve) and food designer Annelies Hermsen, driving in a virtual Formula 1 race, and unique performance of music, dance, and drones, amongst other activities. 

Eindhoven365 was also given a role in the communication team, which was put together to steer King's Day 2021 in the right direction. Together with this team, we made a communication and content marketing plan that included the online program. For this, the idea arose to organize an online festival including a well-known timetable. This kind of calendar is associated with festivals, and it shows the visitors the time and location of each 'act'.

The content of the festival was divided into five different themes, each with its own target group. The festival also had its own KennisMaker: Mike Weerts represented the Orange fan, Lily Tjon for the Eindhoven Explorer, Gisèle Mambre for the design lover, Tessa Hartjes for the tech lover, and the party animal could turn to Björn van der Doelen. On this basis, various (free) activities were organized. These included the successful Design Lottery in collaboration with Sectie-C, a craft course together with the Ontdekfabriek, a live city tour with the help of WithLocals, and a documentary about the Impromptu Graduation Show at the Kazerne.


Another significant part of this campaign is the role we contributed to the look and feel of the day. With our experience, insights, and networks, we were at the heart of the identity. That goes for the website: and all associated expressions. Out of several Eindhoven-based designers, we chose to work with HeyHeydeHaas. They have established a recognizable basis that has also been elaborated in city dressing (banners, flags etc.). This way, the city is a joy to be in, even during restrictive measures and without physical activities.



The mentioned target groups also formed the basis of an online campaign. The online campaign was used to further enthuse online visitors of King's Day about Eindhoven in combination with the theme. In multiple phases, for about two months, the target groups were activated with relevant content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Eindhoven247 ensured that all program ideas were actually implemented: they provided the program and the production. In addition, the collaborations consisted of, among others: HeyHeydeHaas (corporate identity), Yellowhawk (campaign), Blickfänger (video), Nadia ten Wolde (video).