roundabout design route

The current position, ambition and growth of Eindhoven will more and more strengthen Eindhoven as a complete city and the heart of the Brainport region. Eindhoven is bursting with energy and full of design and technology. We play at world level, but the funny thing is that this is often not visible to the visitors of the city. In spite of the High Tech Campus, Sectie-C, Strijp-S and the TU/e being fully on track, it is difficult to discover the real heart of the city in the centre. To inspire visitors, Eindhoven will get a permanent design route throughout the city centre.

Link between design institutions
The "Roundabout Design" will eventually be a link between design-oriented institutions such as TAC, Design Academy Eindhoven, Philips Museum, Kazerne, van Abbemuseum, Designhuis, Schellensfabriek and the NRE and VDMA areas. Brandstore Eindhoven (tourist office) will be the starting and the ending point of the tour. DDW 2016 acted as the kick-off of this process and can be seen as the prelude to DDW 2017. The Roundabout Design Route will be fully exposed at the national theme year "From Mondriaan to Dutch Design”.

As the first stage of the design route an interesting combination of existing and new design objects has been selected. The gems in the city are connected to it, so immediately a valuable route was created.

SOEPS Creative Collective
The Roundabout Design Route is a concept developed from the brand strategy and the new city centre vision of Eindhoven. SOEPS Creative Collective is the creative partner as well as the executor of the concept. The result should provide a clear profile of the city in order to invite visitors to come to Eindhoven to gain inspiration. 52 weeks a year.