share the vibe

Great thinking, experimenting and acting in an unconventional way are typical for Eindhoven. This typical Eindhoven vibe has been made visible by the city through the latest video campaign Share the Vibe. Additionally, the city’s energy has been visualized in the three vibes of the brand.  The starting point at Share the Vibe is co-creation, because Eindhoven is all about doing it together. That is why the city’s great visual creators have been invited to share their own feeling and commitment to Eindhoven with the world. Think of creators such as Bart Hess, Niels Hoebers, Raw Color, Mike Roelofs and others. Watch the videos and read the stories on

The Eindhoven brand is a dynamic brand that belongs to the municipality of Eindhoven, but also to the city. Every Eindhoven resident is welcome to put his or hers energy into the logo’s ‘vibes’. Energy is released at many places in the city. For instance, at the intersection between technology and design. Between thinking and doing. Between imagination and creation. Between city and world. Everyone who feels the energy, is invited by the city to share via #SharetheVibe. This campaign is developed by the Virtual Design Agency (VDA), with art director Edhv Remco de Craats, commissioned by Eindhoven365 and the Municipality of Eindhoven.