One of our main goals as an organization is to create a strong personal (online) connection between Eindhoven and our target groups. Therefore, an essential part of our city marketing strategy is our online channels, in particular the website A brief explanation.

The origin of the website goes back a couple of years. was founded in 2013 as a tourist website, providing information as the main goal. In the years that followed we as an organization expanded our tourism target group with two target groups within the tech and design domain: Bright Talent and Tech Starter. To be able to serve these additional target groups and to grow along with them in the field of digital marketing, we have chosen to transform into an inspiring content-driven platform in 2017.



In order to be able to serve our various target groups, we chose sub-environments within the website, namely 'Visit Eindhoven' (aimed at visitors) and 'Start in Eindhoven' (aimed at talent). The best of these two worlds come together on the homepage, called 'Best of Eindhoven'. On our website, we try to inspire and convert by telling stories. This can be about the opening of a new coffee shop in De Bergen but also about the success of a startup. We tell these kinds of stories through different content forms, such as videos, long reads, photography, and podcasts.

Every day we work with a team that shapes this content and web strategy. Think of two content marketers with an editorial team, two social media marketers, a performance marketer, and a traffic manager. And with success. Whereas at the end of 2017 the counter stood at 703,300 sessions and in 2018 at 817,200 sessions, we passed the 1,000,000 session mark last year. It shows that the loyalty and use of have increased significantly in recent years.

As an organization, we are constantly informed about what is going on in the world of digital marketing and adapt our strategy accordingly. Also in the (near) future, we will continue to optimize and further develop the website.



The design of the website comes from design agency George & Harrison, internet agency Insiders is responsible for the construction of the website. Because of its importance for the inner city of Eindhoven, is financially supported by Bedrijven Investeringszone Eindhoven Centrum (BIZ).