In addition to 'Visit' and 'Start' we’ve created a new content format in 2019 called Unfold. Unfold tells the stories of the city through the eyes of subcultures and its pioneers. 

The concept for Unfold was born out of the desire to offer a deeper, richer experience on ThisisEindhoven.com. Which tells something about the mentality and liveability of the city in the past, present, and future. Because content stories are interesting for both visitors and talents, a separate online environment was created next to the existing 'Visit' and 'Start'. In the style of ThisisEindhoven.com, but with its own face.



The launch of Unfold took place in May 2019. We ran an online campaign for 3 months, according to the See, Think, Do model of Google. In each phase, specific target groups were targeted and a different marketing message was communicated, in order to familiarize the target group with 'Unfold' and to boost the first stories. In addition to the online campaign, Unfold was introduced on the city beacons in the city and in an issue of Monocle magazine.

The elaboration of the concept and design was conceived in collaboration with George & Harrison. An editorial team consisting of podcast maker Marijn van der Poll, copywriter Renske Mehra, photographers Nick Bookelaar and Ralph Roelse, and video production company Blickfänger are responsible for the stories, led by Eindhoven365. Internetbureau Insiders was responsible for the technical implementation on ThisisEindhoven.com.

Watch one of the Unfold documentaries here →