Belgian influencers completely surprised by Eindhoven
14 September 2018

Belgian influencers completely surprised by Eindhoven

Last weekend was dedicated to Another Citytrip, a campaign by city marketing organization Eindhoven365 to put the city on the map as a tourist destination. This year's campaign focuses specifically on Belgian influencers with an international reach. A total of 16 influencers with a sense of adventure signed for a 48-hour trip to an unknown destination. It was only during the trip that the final destination was revealed, followed by a tailor-made program for the influencers and their partners. One surprise followed the other, both during the tours through the city and in the hotel room.

In preparation for this edition of Another Citytrip, the Eindhoven365 project team closely followed the social media channels of the influencers and compiled an extensive online profile. Based on this, a personal program was created for each influencer, including shopping, food and drinks. But that was not all. The influencers came across their own photos on the digital screens and city beacons in the city, received a personalized Eindhoven suitcase based on their favorite color and photo, received cocktails based on their Instagram profile, goodie bags with Eindhoven specialties and visited individual shops where they got to meet the entrepreneur and undertook activities specially organized for them.

Both the influencers and the entrepreneurs in Eindhoven were very satisfied with this tailor-made and highly personalized visit.

Feedback influencers and city partners
"You really need to visit Eindhoven and discover some cool hotspots.”
Inge Moerenhout (@Ingemoerenhout)

"Thanks for an EXCELLENT WEEKEND in Eindhoven. A city that just blew us away.”
Lesley van Loon (@Lesleystraveldiary)

"Wow! We're having the best weekend here in @eindhovencity.”
Pauline Grossen (@Afashiontaste)

"During this campaign I had direct contact with Flemish influencers in my shop. The Flemish are an important target group for us. The influencers were enthusiastic and that immediately generated online reactions from their followers.”
Arnold Raaijmakers (Vielgut)

"It is a wonderful opportunity for us. In this way we can show the Flemish people what we as a hotel and a city can offer in terms of experience and personal service."
Ludo de Jong (NH Collection Hotel Eindhoven Centrum)

"The customization of the program really convinced our guests. This group really got excited about the city and the information they received about the diversity of Eindhoven. Both they and we are truly energized by the weekend!”
Ailén Gamberoni (Cucina Italiana Strijp-S)

Belgium: a deliberate choice
Peter Kentie, Director Eindhoven365: "The choice for Belgium is a conscious one. Eindhoven wants to attract visitors, both from home and abroad, who will spend their money on local hotels, shops, restaurants and culture. The experience we offer is in line with the qualitative wishes of Flemish people while we can be reached within one hour. More than 30 entrepreneurs and organizations were part of the program to offer the influencers a fully personalized trip from beginning to end. After the two previous campaigns, we wanted to set the bar even higher for this third edition. In a world where people seem to be living customized lives, how do we as a city make sure that an influencer gets an unforgettable experience? To really touch hearts, we felt it was necessary to create a hyper-personal experience for everyone, resulting in 16 independent programs during one weekend.

The results of this campaign will only be visible after a few months, because the online impact will continue in the coming period. During and after Another Citytrip, the influencers will share their experiences on social media (Instagram, Facebook) and in the coming period via blogs and vlogs with a total of more than 750,000 followers. The goal is to activate other Flemish people for a (multi-day or short) city trip to Eindhoven. More than 600 Instagram stories and Instagram posts (photos and videos) have already been published after this successful weekend and there is a lot of interaction with their followers, who react enthusiastically to what Eindhoven has to offer. The participating entrepreneurs in the city were also active on Facebook and Instagram covering the visit of the influencers.

This surprise visit is part of the 3rd edition of 'Another Citytrip', a city marketing concept developed by Eindhoven365 in collaboration with Zandbeek. The previous two editions of Another Citytrip have won several Marketing Awards. For this edition, in addition to Zandbeek, we also collaborated with Coopr, a Dutch-Belgian PR agency. The campaign was supported with funds from the Bedrijven Investeringszone Eindhoven Centrum (BIZ).

The Belgian influencers were personally selected based on their followers and their sense of adventure. What makes ‘Another Citytrip’ special is that none of the influencers knew beforehand where the trip was going, they did not receive any compensation for participating and there are no obligations for posting posts. The influencer-target group consists of 'City Explorers', people who are open to adventure, who really explore a city and who want to visit as many undiscovered places as possible.

Eindhoven as a destination
Among domestic tourists, Eindhoven is already known as the shopping city of the South. Foreign tourists are also increasingly visiting the city, as shown by the number of hotel stays in 2017. Of the total of 917,000 overnight stays (an increase of 15% compared to 2016), approximately two-thirds were foreign visitors. With a room occupancy rate of 78%, Eindhoven has the highest percentage nationwide after Amsterdam. The figures also show that the ratio between business and leisure overnight stays is changing, from approximately 70:30 in 2012 to almost 60:40 in 2017.