Brabant Nacht/ Brabant is Open
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18 July 2018

Brabant Nacht/ Brabant is Open

Brabant is Open
"Brabant is Open. We welcome you with open arms. Let us pamper you and allow yourself to be seduced by Brabant. We do not keep the secret places to ourselves, but share them with you. And this is what we love to do. Because being together is so much more fun than being alone. Enjoy it and join  in. In every season, on every holiday, for everyone. Brabant is Open. Always." - Visit Brabant

At the start of the Brabant Nacht campaign, Eindhoven365 welcomed several influencers and showed them around. Our colleague Rik Verhalle took them to some of the most beautiful and exciting places in the city. The group visited Strijp-S, Piet Hein Eek and the Nieuwe Emmasingel for some special retail concepts.

Some positive reactions
"Looking back on my experience in Eindhoven, I am really suprised. Eindhoven has all what you are looking for in a city. Hip areas, nice coffee spots, design shops and diverse streets-food area's, besides that also stylisch restaurants and bars. We are coming back for sure. Are you planning a visit to Eindhoven?" - GirlsWhoMagazine

"But the most important thing to mention is that the inhabitants are very welcoming and
friendly! :-)." 
- Lonniesplanet