'Een Kei Fijne Film' nominated for international City Nation Place Award
16 October 2019

'Een Kei Fijne Film' nominated for international City Nation Place Award

The Eindhoven holiday movie 'Een Kei Fijne Film' has been nominated for an international City Nation Place Award, in the category 'Best Citizen Engagement'.

A gift to all Eindhoven locals
At the end of 2018, Eindhoven presented the first edition of 'Een Kei Fijne Film', a short feel-good movie, intended to honor the achievements of Eindhoven locals in the year 2018 in a cheeky way. 'Een Kei Fijne Film' stars Eindhoven locals, with the city as its backdrop. Peter Kentie, managing director of Eindhoven365: "This film is for everyone in Eindhoven. Literally a 'kei fijne film' with innumerable famous people from Eindhoven and ditto references at the present, the past and our very near future. With unexpected leading roles and badly hidden jokes. Not too short, not too long. Given the high degree of different nationalities in our city, the film has English subtitles. Because the Eindhoven tone works best in Dutch."

Effect & results
The 'Best Citizen Engagement' category is all about the human factor. Places that can demonstrate that residents support and actively participate in the strategy have a chance to be nominated and win the award.
The cast of well-known and lesser-known people from Eindhoven all voluntarily contributed to the film, with leading roles for mayor John Jorritsma and actors Steye van Dam and Huub Smits, among others. The professional crew also consisted entirely of Eindhoven locals.
A total reach of 507,675 was achieved, with over 220,000 people watching 'Een Kei Fijne Film'. On social media, the film was shared more than a thousand times and led to some positive reactions:

‘Wat ontzettend “kei”-gaaf!! Als import Eindhovenaar voel ik me trots! :)” – Albertho Bart Bolenius

“Het is toch echt de schonste stad ooit, ons Eindje.” – Dinah Natalya Nikalaos

“Super… ff gedeeld zo vet. Onze stad! Eindhovuh!!!” – Jeroen de Vries

City Nation Place Awards
The organization behind City Nation Place Awards has received more than 100 entries from the most innovative, creative and effective marketing strategies, coming from neighborhoods, cities, regions, countries, and even continents worldwide. The entries show that more and more places are recognizing the valuable relationship between quality of life, tourism and economic development and are pursuing a joint strategic approach by governments and the private sector.

This is the third year in a row that Eindhoven has been nominated for a City Nation Place Award. In 2017 our campaign Another City Trip was nominated in the category 'Best Use of Social Media' and in 2018 Eindhoven won the Oscar of city marketing: 'Place Brand of the Year'.

A total of five prestigious awards will be presented in the categories 'Best Use of Design', 'Best Citizen Engagement', 'Best Use of Social Media', 'Best Communication Strategy' and 'Place Brand of the Year' on 7 November 2019, the fifth edition of the City Nation Place Global Forum in London.

'Een Kei Fijne Film' was developed in collaboration with video production company Cutjongens and screenwriters Rik Janssen and Theo Lexmond. The complete cast of the film can be found on the website of This is Eindhoven.