Eindhoven and PSV take part in special edition GLOW 2020
13 November 2020

Eindhoven and PSV take part in special edition GLOW 2020

Eindhoven and PSV are taking part in the special edition of GLOW 2020, which started yesterday. 'Connecting the Dots' is a work of more than 80 km2 that consists of more than 1,500 blue LED lights and 1,000 large red light points in the sky. The two brands temporarily transformed their PSV Eindhoven City Store and launched a special edition t-shirt, all linked to the GLOW theme: 'Connecting the Dots'.

The store turned blue by means of the eye-catching digital LED stairs and the rotating videos on the glass of the store window. In addition, the windows are stickered with PSV x EHV x GLOW and Connecting the Dots.


PSV and Eindhoven opened the doors of the PSV Eindhoven City Store in July 2020. "For city marketing Eindhoven, the close cooperation with PSV in a retail environment is a fantastic project," says Peter Kentie, director Eindhoven365. "The fact that we are now opting for a joint activation around an Eindhoven event such as GLOW is a great result".

Special edition t-shirt
The t-shirt costs €19.95 and is available in-store (Marktstraat 3) and online at www.thisisTHEVIBE.com.
This t-shirt is the first special edition item of THE VIBE, the sustainable clothing brand of city marketing Eindhoven. In the coming years, more special editions will be launched, linked to local events and other moments during the year.


Press support & content development
Besides the joint activation with PSV, Eindhoven365 also contributes to GLOW 2020 in other ways. For example, by supporting the GLOW organization when it comes to national and international PR. In addition, the Eindhoven City social channels will host a tour for photographers, and an extensive interview with the co-maker of 'Connecting the Dots' will be published today: Ivo Schoofs.