Eindhoven in Monocle Magazine
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18 October 2018

Eindhoven in Monocle Magazine

Eindhoven is well-represented in the latest edition of Monocle magazine. The November 2018 issue is a Netherlands special and zooms in on topics such as business, culture, urbanism, and design. The publication came out today, two days before the start of Dutch Design Week.

Where technology meets design

Together with NBTC and the city marketing organisations of Rotterdam and Groningen, Eindhoven partnered with Monocle for a Netherlands survey, titled 'Discover the benefits of Dutch courage'. In the article, the creativity and ingenuity of the Dutch are discussed. Further on in the article, Monocle zooms in on green innovation in Groningen, entrepreneurship in Rotterdam, and the crossovers between technology and design in Eindhoven.

While many cities are productive in one or the other, Eindhoven is operating on the interface between the two elements.

Monocle talks about the Philips history, the importance of Brainport Eindhoven, and the innovativeness of the city. As examples, various companies, the number of patent applications, and next year's 3D printed houses are cited. In addition, special attention was paid to flagship event Dutch Design Week.

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