Eindhoven now has its own soundtrack: these are the winners of The Sound of Eindhoven
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16 June 2021

Eindhoven now has its own soundtrack: these are the winners of The Sound of Eindhoven

After a dazzling live show on Wednesday, June 16, we present you the two winners of the local music competition The Sound of Eindhoven. Jasmijn won the jury prize with 'Doemedanieaan Man' and Hangmat, Paul, and Joost won the audience award with 'Lichtjesroute'.

The rightful jury winner
The jury declared Jasmijn as the convincing winner with her first Dutch song: 'Doemedanieaan Man'. Jasmijn calls on people to buy local during this corona crisis and thus to also support local acts that are struggling with work and housing. The jury chose Jasmijn as the winner of The Sound of Eindhoven because of her authenticity and musical qualities. In her song, she sketches what is happening among musicians in 2020/2021 without beating about the bush. Jos Feijen, director Effenaar: "The track is really from now. It is in its stubbornness typical of Eindhoven. And it expresses the feeling that artists have at this moment." Jasmijn was inspired by the contest to sing this new track about 'her' Eindhoven in Dutch, in which she proudly reveals her Brabant roots for the first time.


The obvious audience favorite
The audience award was won by brand new hip-hopper Hangmat (Paul), Joost, and Pim, who created a musical ode to Eindhoven. They were in the lead and got 305 more votes than the number 2. The title is 'Lichtjesroute' and is named after the typical Eindhoven Liberation Day celebration. After the Eindhoven Liberation Day on September 18, various lights make a 'lichtjesroute' through Eindhoven for a whole month. Hangmat started making music during the corona period and had not released a song before this competition.


Live from the Effenaar
The two awards were presented during a live stream from the Effenaar, hosted by self-proclaimed Eindhoven ambassador Candy Dulfer who has international fame in the music world. During the live stream, about 30 finalists sat in the small room of the Effenaar, respecting the measures, waiting anxiously for the redeeming words of jury members Jos Feijen and Anneke van Giersbergen. Jasmijn herself did not expect to win with her participation, but the joy was visible. The three gentlemen of 'Lichtjesroute' were overjoyed with the audience award and promised there is more music to come.

Preview The Sound of Eindhoven
Besides eternal fame, both winners will receive a cash prize of €1000,- and both songs will be pressed and sold on an LP. The winner of the jury award will also receive a video clip produced by Pierrette Goossens. This will be launched at the end of the summer together with the LP.

This will bring the first edition of The Sound of Eindhoven to a close, but there might be a sequel. It turns out that Eindhoven cannot be captured in one ultimate track. All submitted songs, there were so many touching and diverse tracks inspired by the city, together tell the story of Eindhoven. Peter Kentie, director Eindhoven365: "The two winners are a good reflection of the diverse musical talent that presented itself for The Sound of Eindhoven. The number of entries is still overwhelming and shows that Eindhoven has enough energy and creativity to host a follow-up edition. But first, let's enjoy these elected winners."


Jury & participating finalists
The jury consists of DJ miss Djax, rapper Miggs de Bruijn, director of the Effenaar Jos Feijen, Muziekgebouw coryphée Frank Veenstra, hip hopper and producer Y'Skid, city poet and singer-songwriter Iris Penning, initiator of 'The Sessions' and owner of Supernova recording studio Bob de Wit and rock legend Anneke van Giersbergen.

Jury Award nominations in alphabetical order:
Dries van Elten - Oh Eindhoven
Eric van Dijsseldonk - Eindhoven
Hang Chow Crow - The Sunny South
Hammock - Lichtjesroute
Jasmine - Doomed Man

Audience award nominations in alphabetical order:
BOIBEIGE ft. Gypsie Melody - Homesick
Just Stayed - Finally Home
Hang Chow Crow - The Sunny South
Hammock - Route of Light
Mike Weerts - FVK N VMSTRDVM