Eindhoven presents: Een Kei Fijne Film
Eindhoven Brand, PR
19 November 2018

Eindhoven presents: Een Kei Fijne Film

Eindhoven presents the first edition of 'Een Kei Fijne Film', a short feel good movie that is meant to honor the performances of the people of Eindhoven in the year 2018 in a humorous way. 'Een Kei Fijne Film' has the city as a backdrop and its inhabitants in the leading role, wrapped in the energy of the city. A cheeky homage to this year’s achievements and events. A special way to kick off the season filled with lots of food, awful Christmas music, and annoying in-laws.

'Een Kei Fijne Film' is an initiative of Eindhoven365, as a thank you to all Eindhoven residents. Peter Kentie, director Eindhoven365: "This film is for everyone in Eindhoven. Literally a cool film with countless famous people from Eindhoven and with a wink to present, past and our near future. With unexpected star rolls and badly hidden jokes. Not too short, not too long and with a solid bouncer. Given the high degree of different nationalities in our city, the film has English subtitles. Because the Eindhoven laughs works best in Dutch. "

The film lasts 10 minutes and 6 seconds. 'Kei Fijne Film' is shared by a large number of organizations in Eindhoven via social media. The first reactions from Eindhoven are positive. In the first 24 hours after presentation, the film has already been viewed more than 20,000 times.

Full movie
The cast of well-known and less well-known Eindhoven residents has voluntarily participated in the making of the film, the professional crew consists entirely of people from Eindhoven. Part of the music has also been chosen for music from the city, including the famous song 'Rockcity' by Peter Pan Speedrock.