Eindhoven presents: 'Hey Eindje', the perfect movie during lockdown
19 December 2020

Eindhoven presents: 'Hey Eindje', the perfect movie during lockdown

In a week during which a national lockdown was announced, Eindhoven presents a new Christmas movie. 'Hey Eindje' is a short feel-good film as a gift and a heartfelt encouragement for all Eindhoven residents, with well-known local faces like Theo Maassen, Margôt Ros, Steef Cuijpers, and Huub Smit. The film can be viewed from December 19 on thisiseindhoven.com.

A bright light
The film is an initiative of Eindhoven365 and is, after 'Kei Fijne Film' and 'Kei Fijne Film: Hotel Eindhoven', our third Christmas film in a row. This film was also made in collaboration with Eindhoven production company Cutjongens. Peter Kentie, director Eindhoven365: "With this film, we offer a bright light to all Eindhoven residents and to the makers in our city. A film with a positive outlook towards the new year. Something we could use in these dark days. I am delighted that, just like every year, many well-known local personalities have made a once again surprising contribution to this Eindhoven production".

Merlijn Passier, owner and director of Cutjongens: "It's great that we were able to make a film again this year, despite current events. Culture offers consolation and a Christmas movie might provide the positive distraction we are in need of right now. It has given us an enormous amount of energy and I hope everyone feels that energy when watching. We are proud that we were able to make this film with and for the city of Eindhoven".

Placeholder_KeiFijneFilm_2020-NickBookelaar.jpgSteef Cuijpers & Huub Smit

The story revolves around Carolien (Margôt Ros) who, during her move back to Eindhoven on Christmas Eve, ends up in an empty and dark house. By coincidence, she runs into a special invention of her father. This turns out to be the very first smart speaker in the world but from the 1970s! Without knowing so, Margôt activates this clever speaker with the words 'Hey Endje'. This awakens a series of events that make her Christmas Eve 2020 an unforgettable evening. Because what is Christmas without music, good food, or nice people around you? And will the mistletoe of neighbor Fred (Theo Maassen) bring love? In addition to well-known Eindhoveners, there is also a place in this film for various Eindhoven hospitality and culture entrepreneurs.


Cast and crew
'Hey Eindje' was developed in collaboration with video production company Cutjongens and screenwriters Theo Lexmond & Merlijn Passier. Cutjongens is known from 'De Groeten van Gerri' (The Greetings of Gerri), which was the very first Dutch corona film.
The cast and crew of 'Hey Eindje' consist almost entirely of people from Eindhoven.

Watch the trailer here: