German influencers are introduced to the Eindhoven mentality during 'Not AnOther Citytrip'
Eindhoven Brand, PR
16 September 2019

German influencers are introduced to the Eindhoven mentality during 'Not AnOther Citytrip'

Last weekend was marked by the fourth edition of 'Another City Trip', a campaign to put the city on the map as a tourist destination. This year's campaign focuses specifically on German influencers from North Rhine-Westphalia and their international followers. 

Getting the Eindhoven mentality across
Under the name 'Not Another City Trip' we have chosen to invite very specific influencers who fit the Eindhoven mentality; the mentality of a non-ordinary city. The influencers were personally selected on the basis of their appearance and interests, and have a tough, raw edge with a preference for design. Anticipating to the current online trend of authenticity, this edition focused on building relationships, rather than just taking "the perfect picture".

Off the beaten track program
Six German influencers came to Eindhoven for a 48-hour weekend trip in which they explored all kinds of off the beaten track hotspots by bike. Think of Woensel-West, the NRE site and Strijp R. Eindhoven365 has once again entered into successful collaborations with local partners such as hotels, shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions. Together with Eindhoven's party collective Biki90, a tailor-made programme was put together in which several locals were involved and introduced to the German influencers.

Quotes Influencers
Eindhoven is a city to lose. Und mich hat's full erwischt! Definitely not the last thing to do!
Lilli (@kitschcanmakeyourich)

Eindhoven you have been sooooo good!
Julia (@juliahml)

I am still speechless and utterly wary of waking people! So many people are tolerating people, so many cities and so many plants. So much for me.
Astrid (@skaramelle)

You inspired us <3
Sacha Grewe (@artcanbreakyourheart)

Campaign Impact
The influencers shared their experiences on Instagram during and after 'Not Another Citytrip'. The aim is to bring Eindhoven to the attention of German 'City Explorers' and to activate them for a (multi-day or short) city visit to Eindhoven. Just after this successful weekend, more than 300 Instagram stories and Instagram posts have been published, generating a lot of interaction with their online followers. The results of the campaign will be clear after a few months. In the coming period, Eindhoven365 will start online campaign in Germany, in which the output of the influencers will be used to bring Eindhoven as an off the beaten track citytrip destination to the attention of an even wider target group. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads and native advertising will be used for this purpose.

Another City Trip is a city marketing concept developed by Eindhoven365 in collaboration with content marketing agency Zandbeek. The previous three editions of Another City Trip have received several awards, such as the prestigious Content Marketing Award, organized by the leading American Content Marketing Institute, silver at the Dutch Interactive Awards, a German Design Award, and two Influencer Marketing Awards in London. For the 2019 edition we worked together with agency Fama Volat.

Eindhoven as a city trip destination
Eindhoven is a destination that is increasingly popular with foreign tourists, as the number of hotel overnight stays in recent years have shown. In 2017, of the total of 917,000 overnight stays (an increase of 15% compared to 2016), approximately two-thirds were foreign visitors. With a room occupancy rate of 78%, Eindhoven has the highest percentage nationwide after Amsterdam. 2018 also shows a significant increase.