Eindhoven Souvenir

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Eindhoven Souvenir Min Young foto Wouter Kooken
  • The question

    Develop a campaign idea with a strong activating character that can be put away in the fall and winter in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany

  • Our solution

    Eindhoven has no tourist obligations and that's our strength. A city made by people. That is our souvenir for visitors to Eindhoven.

In numbers

  • 2.920.000 impressies
  • 392.927 videoviews
  • 41.468 clicks naar website

Strategische lijn

Deze case past binnen onze strategische lijn: “Verduurzaming van toerisme”.

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Before covid-19, we realized several years of campaigns under the name Another City Trip. Another City Trip is a campaign by Eindhoven365 to put the city on the map as a tourist destination. After four editions and current events, we wanted to develop a new concept to shine some more light on Eindhoven nationally and internationally. We commissioned the creative agency Megawatt to establish an international activation campaign to further boost the influx of tourism and attract 'city explorers' to Eindhoven.

Eindhoven Souvenir

Delft blue clogs, kitschy lighters, and 'I love ...' T-shirts. Who doesn't know them? That's not how we do things in Eindhoven. You don't visit Eindhoven for the ‘what’ but for the ‘why’. In other words: in Eindhoven, you don't have tourist obligations; you visit to experience the mentality. It is precisely this mentality that we share with the campaign Eindhoven Souvenir.

The Eindhoven mentality is central to the Megawatt agency's latest city explorer campaign concept. They managed to capture that energy in a manifesto, which is central to the campaign.

Eindhoven souvenir header

The meaning of a souvenir is a remembrance or memory. Put that fridge magnet out of your head; Eindhoven is not the city of your average souvenir. We don't like souvenirs at all. It's the people of Eindhoven themselves who provide unforgettable memories. For this campaign, we are working with four Eindhoven residents who represent the manifesto: Yetunde, Jasper, Min Young, and Roy, the "souvenirs" of Eindhoven. On the campaign website, they will tell you everything about their city: the love, energy, and favorite spots, so you know exactly where to go and what to expect.

Eindhoven Souvenir Yetunde foto Wouter Kooken
Yetunde - Wouter Kooken
Eindhoven Souvenir Roy foto Wouter Kooken
Roy - Wouter Kooken


The campaign aims to entice as many city explorers as possible to visit Eindhoven, with the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany as focus areas. 'With the help of cool videos online, shared on in-house channels like and @eindhovencity, and the channels of publishers in all three countries. Since this summer, has been available in German, Dutch, and English. Since this launch, this is the first active campaign to reach German city explorers better.


The campaign was developed in collaboration between Megawatt agency (concept), Blickfänger (video) and Eindhoven365 (realization). Eindhoven Souvenir is also made possible by four Eindhoven residents in particular:

Yetunde Olusanya - vintage director bij YATVA
Roy Overdijk - dancer at The Ruggeds
Jasper van Es - curator and creative producer at PAPERJAM
Min Young Choi - Designer and chef bij Korean foodLAB.