Your Temporary Guide

  • Campaign
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  • The question

    How can we provide information to city explorers both physically and online sustainably?

  • Our solution

    A limited edition reusable guide called: 'Your Temporary Guide.'

In numbers

  • 108 tips by locals
  • 20 Instagram guide
  • 26.249 online clicks

Strategische lijn

Deze case past binnen onze strategische lijn: “Verduurzaming van toerisme”.

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Making tourism more sustainable is an important strategic pillar within city marketing and our business strategy. Making us work actively on exploring how to visit Eindhoven more sustainably. We have already implemented several measures, including a new geographical focus on a maximum of 300 kilometers around Eindhoven to limit flight movements. But sustainable tourism is much more than that. It's not just about the ecological aspect of sustainability; economic and social sustainability also play a role.

New focus

With a new focus group (radius of 300 kilometers = Netherlands, Belgium, Germany), our task is to bring Eindhoven to the attention of (potential) visitors as a destination and to make their choices during the trip more sustainable. Our target group, 'city explorer,' has an above-average interest in design, innovation, and creativity and is self-conscious about travel and its impact. They get to know the city online through our channels, and @eindhovencity (organic and paid), but offline, we discontinued touchpoints for sustainability reasons. This while our surveys showed an urgent need for physical hold during a visit.

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Your temporary gude

Your temporary guide

Previously, we developed physical city guides with the highlights of the season. Because of the design (single use) and the expiration date of the content, these guides no longer fit in our strategy. The question arose: How do we ensure that we sustainably meet the visitor's needs in the broadest sense of the word? That's how Your Temporary Guide to Eindhoven came to life: a reusable guide (ecological) with more than 100 local tips & entrepreneurs (economic) not to keep as a 'souvenir' but to pass on to the next Eindhoven explorer, including 'your own' experience (social).

The primary tool of the campaign is the hardcover guide: Your Temporary Guide to Eindhoven. Sustainability plays a role in both materials and the sustainable mentality of its contents. Ecologically, by prominently explaining the 'sharing concept' in the guide and devoting pages to green activities and hotspots in Eindhoven. Economically, by highlighting only local entrepreneurs. Finally, we touch on the social aspect of sustainability by choosing only tips from locals, the photo archive consisting of photos of visitors, and the guestbook, where visitors can leave their recommendations for the next city explorer.

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    City guide - Nick Bookelaar City guide - Nick Bookelaar

One physical guide, 20 online guides

To ensure city explorers return their temporary guides, we have installed displays with explanations at places where visitors are, including Eindhoven Central Station and in hotels. Here, visitors can grab and return their guide. Has the display run empty? Visitors can also use the Instagram guides online. They can find them via the QR codes on the displays and at locations without displays via 3D printed vibes (Eindhoven's logo). These guides' themes align with the themes in the physical guide, the city's vision, and the visitor's needs. In addition, the guide is suitable for use both on the spot (restaurants, activities, etc.) and in preparation for a city trip (tips for a sustainable visit, accommodation, transportation).

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The physical guide is designed by George & Harrison and can be found in studiotienvier's displays at eight different partner locations.