Eindhoven in the New Dutch Spotlight at ITB

01 April 2024

On the eve of the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB), the world's largest tourism fair, Rob van Hattum presented 'the other story' of the Netherlands to the German press: New Dutch. The NL Pavilion of NBTC was also entirely themed around New Dutch. As a typical New Dutch city, this was a great platform for Eindhoven.

The NL pavilion of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) at ITB this year was entirely in the New Dutch style, featuring photos of the new iconic Dutch architecture. Eindhoven was well represented at various touchpoints: with 3D animations during the press evening, a striking image of the Hovenring in the NL stand, and beautiful images of icons like the Evoluon and the Trudo Tower in the ITB Magazine. Our partner VisitBrabant was also present to promote Eindhoven as a city in Brabant.

Hovenring photo by IPV Delft
Hovenring Eindhoven

About New Dutch

New Dutch tells the other story of the Netherlands. The story of the Netherlands of today and the future, of the Netherlands as one of the most innovative and creative countries in the world. New Dutch aims to enrich the traditional image of 'the Netherlands of clogs, tulips, and windmills' with new Dutch icons. New Dutch is a movement that originated in Eindhoven and Rotterdam and has now been embraced nationwide. The ITB 2024 in Berlin was a beautiful proof of this.