Almost the entire nation of the Netherlands united for New Dutch

12 December 2023
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For the past year, New Dutch has been a nationwide movement aimed at reshaping the narrative of the Netherlands. On November 30, 2023, representatives from 11 cities and regions gathered at Science Park Utrecht to show their support. Eindhoven365 was among the key initiators present.

For those who might not be up to date, here's the scoop: New Dutch is in full swing! This national campaign is not just about traditional Dutch icons like old masters, tulips, and clogs. It's about highlighting our innovative prowess and demonstrating how we use it to tackle global challenges. We'd love to share more details in this case.

New Dutch Zaalfoto2 Utrecht
New Dutch Zaalfoto1 Utrecht
    Utrecht Science Park Utrecht Science Park

Running a national movement like New Dutch demands strong collaboration and sustained effort. On November 30, representatives from participating cities and regions met to reaffirm their passion and dedication. Through inspirational sessions and presentations, they delved into various New Dutch themes, all with the overarching question in mind: How can we contribute to making the Netherlands the most innovative country globally? Answering this question opens up national opportunities in sustainable tourism, trade relations, and attracting domestic and international business and talent.

Who's in our corner?

Eindhoven365, alongside Rotterdam Partners, spearheads the New Dutch national movement. Naturally, we collaborate with cities and regions from across the Netherlands. On November 30, we convened with Utrecht Marketing, the Municipality of Nijmegen, the Municipality of Arnhem, Leiden&Partners, Visit Flevoland - Almere City Marketing, the Province of Zeeland, the Municipality of Zwolle - Twente Board, Merk Fryslân, and Brabant Branding. This was complemented by national NL Branding organizations such as RVO, NFIA, NBTC, and other stakeholders.