New Dutch

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New Dutch 2 foto House of Yellow

The Netherlands is often associated with tulips, clogs, and windmills. Those images are based on the past and no longer represent the modern nation we are today. The Netherlands of today is open-minded, challenging, and super creative. But how is that visible?

The Netherlands of the 21st century has much to offer and is attractive to inhabitants, visitors, and international talent. We are good at inventing and creating sustainable solutions for tomorrow's problems. These are often world-class innovations. It's about time we tell the world about it!

Our heydays have only just begun


Our rich past is the basis for our future success. Both have a right to exist. Both are of great value in defining our modern identity and its social and economic impact. In a specially developed New Dutch Manifesto, we call for (more) attention to the Netherlands of today and the future. Because only then do we tell the right story and make the story of the Netherlands complete.

Hier Strijp-S
Modern Strijp-S architecture - Nadia ten Wolde
Ketelhuisplein DDW
Dutch Design Week 2021 - Max Kneefel

The meaning

New Dutch is the term for the innovative offerings of the Netherlands, such as future-defining architecture, design, technology, and the open-minded and inventive character of inhabitants and entrepreneurs who are contributing to a better (sustainable) society.
New Dutch is both a mindset and a physical product. The 'mindset' New Dutch is described in the manifesto and corresponds to the positioning of Brand NL. The physical product of New Dutch is the visitable offer, which reflects the mindset.

3D printed concrete housing Eindhoven
Future-proof architecture in the form of 3D printed houses - Houben/Van Mierlo - Houben and Van Mierlo

Parties involved

Eindhoven365 first approached Rotterdam Partners and the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC). Why? Rotterdam is the largest Dutch city with a clear and attractive New Dutch profile, offer, and mentality. NBTC, as our national Destination Management Organisation (DMO), is essential in the development and positioning of New Dutch. Meanwhile, Rotterdam Partners and NBTC have embraced the Manifesto and have formulated an ambition together with Eindhoven365.

Raving Dahlia
Phood Farm
    Raving Dahlia during STRP Festival - STRP foto Hanneke Wetzer Phood Farm - Chloe Alyshea


The ambition of New Dutch can be broken down into four goals:

1. To create a sustainable cooperation between business, education, and DMOs in which the Brand NL and the 'visit domain' reinforce each other;
2. To create broad support for an integrated approach to sustainable tourism around New Dutch;
3. To generate pride and brand awareness among the Dutch population;
4. To enrich the positioning of the Netherlands, which will eventually result in a national theme year and act as a kickstart.

After a solid foundation is created by Eindhoven365, Rotterdam Partners, and NBTC, organisations (from cities, areas, locations, and concepts) that recognise themselves in the profile of New Dutch can join the movement.