Designers dress up the city for Wrap up the Year

11 December 2023
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Eindhoven designers are giving the festive decoration of the city center a design twist this year during the third edition of Wrap up the Year, a campaign by Stichting Binnenstad Eindhoven and city marketing organization Eindhoven365. The city will be decorated with unique Christmas scenes and lighting. There is also extensive holiday programming for residents and visitors.

Design as decoration of the city

From banners to posters and flags to wrapping paper; leading up to the holiday season, the entire city center will be "wrapped up" in Wrap up the Year style, a design by HeyHeydeHaas. This year, local designers are going the extra mile with four Christmassy design objects for even more design in the streets of 'Eindhoven Design District.' Johan Moorman wishes everyone a positive future with 'Happy Future,' whereas Job van den Berg transforms a traditional Christmas tree into a 'Crushedmas Tree.' Studio Toer highlights the city's design side with dancing candles on the 18 Septemberplein and with Blossom, their work that was previously shown during GLOW.

Holiday programming

In addition to shopping and enjoying restaurants in a festive atmosphere, various events and activities will take place in December under the guise of the Wrap up the Year campaign, such as Christmas workshops for kids in De Heuvel shopping center and musical programming in M by Muziekgebouw. Local entrepreneurs also contribute to the coziness. Take City Garden, which transformed its location into a ‘Winter Garden,’ with an ice skating rink, Christmas tree pick-up point, and Christmas market. The Wrap up the Year campaign website shows the total range of activities in December.

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The Wrap up the Year campaign is an initiative funded by local business owners to make the city center more attractive during the holiday season. Wrap up the Year is a collaboration between Stichting Binnenstad Eindhoven, BIZ Eindhoven, Gemeente Eindhoven, and Eindhoven365, and is made possible in part by funds from the Regiodeal. HeyHeydeHaas created and developed the concept.