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Een Kei Fijne Film 3 foto Nick Bookelaar

In 2018, the tradition of a new Eindhoven Holiday film was born. The Kei Fijne film series consists of short feel-good movies to honour the achievements of Eindhoveners from the past year in a humorous way. With the city as the backdrop and its locals in the leading role, wrapped up in the energy of Eindhoven.

A gift to all Eindhoveners

The series is an initiative of Eindhoven365 as a gift to Eindhoven. Peter Kentie: "These films are for everyone in Eindhoven. With countless well-known locals and ditto winks at the present, the past and the near future. With unexpected starring roles and poorly hidden bad jokes. In addition to well-known Eindhoven faces, the series also features various Eindhoven entrepreneurs from the hospitality and cultural sectors."

Kei Fijne Film 2018 foto Nick Bookelaar
Kei Fijne Film 2020 Nick Bookelaar

Cast and crew

We developed the films in cooperation with video production company Cutjongens and screenwriters Theo Lexmond & Merlijn Passier. Cutjongens is known for 'De Groeten van Gerri', the first Dutch corona feature film. In each of the three films, the cast and crew were made up almost entirely of locals, and music by bands and songwriters from Eindhoven was used as much as possible.

Peter Kentie

With unexpected starring roles and poorly hidden bad jokes


You can view the three films via YouTube and the Eindhovencity social media channels. In all three years, we used online advertisements, out of home media, sold ugly Christmas sweaters and in 2019, even hosted a premiere in Lab-1. In total, the films generated around 230,000 views and a lot of media exposure, including an item on national tv show RTL Late Night. In addition, this format earned us a nomination for an international City Nation Place Award and a win at the Berlin Weihnachtsfilmfestival. Watch the three films here:

Een Kei Fijne Film 3 Theo Maassen foto Nick Bookelaar
Kei Fijne Film Premiere Coffeelab Nick Bookelaar
Een Kei Fijne Film 2018
Een Kei Fijne Film: Hotel Eindhoven
Een Kei Fijne Film: Hey Eindje