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Liquid vibes

The first phase of Eindhoven365 was dedicated to developing a new brand for the city. After the organisational launch, we used 2012 to research the city's identity. In 2013, after a dynamic process with the Virtual Design Agency, we successfully launched the new Eindhoven brand.

A brand in line with the city's city marketing strategy and the brand pillars Technology, Design and Knowledge. From that moment on, we have been the 'Custodian of the Brand'. The keeper of the Eindhoven brand, so to speak.

Virtual Design Agency
Virtual Design Agancy at work
Merk Eindhoven lancering foto Nick Bookelaar
Launch of the Eindhoven Brand

The city of collaboration

So we guard the city’s brand and mentality. We introduce the brand at as many places as possible from that position. Additionally, we transformed the existing brand identities, in all their forms, into the new, visual identity. But also other parties got to work with the brand. The city council has chosen to employ it as an official logo for all of its communication, local entrepreneurs incorporate the vibes in their house style, and several real Eindhoven fans have immortalised it with a tattoo on their biceps.

Jan Timmer Banksy Eindhoven vibes
Merk Eindhoven toetje
The Vibe caps foto Peter Kentie
Neon Vibes foto Chris van Baal

This working method is seen as inspiring, which was confirmed in 2015 with a Dutch Design Award for Best Client. And we are proud of that. In their report, the jury praised our courage while taking on the Eindhoven Brand project. The collaboration creates positive energy and leads to unconventional solutions for complex challenges. So typical for Eindhoven, the city of collaboration. This approach was also mentioned and praised by (inter)national media such as Dezeen and MarketingTribune.

DDA15 Awardshow foto Bo van Veen

Eindhoven Brand in words

The Eindhoven brand doesn’t solely consist of images. A good brand story is also essential. That allows us to visualize the identity and describe it the right way. We've created an Eindhoven formula that, according to us, uncovers the city’s DNA: Unconventional x Collaboration = Energy.

Unconventional x Collaboration = Energy

Three brand values have been chosen to add depth to the mentality: Imagine (the imagination to see the future), Experiment (dare to prototype the future) and Realise (the ability to realise dreams ‘hands-on’). We notice that this story resonates very well and helps us make the right activation choices.

Share the Vibe

Furthermore, we launched a Share the Vibe campaign in 2016. In recent years, the city’s great visual creators have been invited to share their feeling and commitment to Eindhoven with the world. Think of creators such as Bart Hess, design lab Envisions, photographer Cleo Goossens and others. This campaign was developed by The Virtual Design Agency (VDA), with Edhv's art director Remco van de Craats, commissioned by Eindhoven365 and the municipality of Eindhoven.

In 2021, we extended the Share the Vibe campaign from video to audio. Eindhoven's music makers, producers and fans all worked on a musical ode to Eindhoven. The call eventually led to 100 submissions and two winners, chosen by a professional jury and the Eindhoven public. Read more about this campaign here:

Case highlight
The Sound of Eindhoven foto Nadia ten Wolde

The Sound of Eindhoven

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The Vibe

In addition, we work on brand visibility by selling a sustainable clothing line called The VIBE. The unisex collection is made for adults and children and consists of t-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, jogging trousers, caps and tote bags. The products are available in the webshop of This is Eindhoven.

The Vibe sweater foto Cleo Goossens