Domibo Radio: the kickoff of your Thursday night

06 June 2023
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Live at Rararadio.org

On Thursday, 22 June, we launched Domibo Radio: a radio show for and by Eindhoven's student life. On the program of the very first live broadcast? Finding student housing! Listeners were treated to tips, tricks, and life lessons from fellow students, our co-host Bram Hoedemakers and Eindhoven initiatives.

For and by Eindhoven's student life

Renowned schools, vibrant student life, and many student associations: Eindhoven is a proper student city. Eindhoven students are eager to spread the word. But the life of a student is not always easy. And sometimes, only fellow students know the answer to that one tricky question, such as where to find a student house or how to make friends in a new city. Domibo Radio offers students the space to help fellow students and contribute to the program line: Connecting talents.

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Bram Hoedemakers
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Jeroen Cleijne

How did you find student housing?

In the first episode about student housing, Bram Hoedemakers and Jeroen Cleijne (Eindhoven365) discussed the question: How did you find your student house? Of course, some exciting guests joined them for the conversation. Imke Bloemen of stEHVen, talked about the developments within student housing and student association Doppio promoted their latest performance.

Where and when?

About every third Thursday afternoon of the month, we go live with a new episode and issue. Listen to the show via the Eindhoven radio station Rararadio or Domibo Radio on Spotify. For more tips, stories, and broadcast dates, check @domiboradio on Instagram.