Insights from design experts on Eindhoven Design District

06 December 2023
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What does design really bring to the table? How can organizations dive into design thinking? And why are creative hubs crucial for a city like Eindhoven? These questions and more are answered by experts from the design field and business community in Eindhoven at eindhovendesigndistrict.com.

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Jur Jacobs and Mats Horbach of Sectie-C by Nick Bookelaar

In-depth interviews about design in Eindhoven

We have expanded the website of Eindhoven Design District with in-depth interviews with experts who know the design field and the added value of design like no other. Gain insights from experts like Paul Gardien, former vice president of Philips Design, Mats Horbach and Jur Jacobs of Sectie-C, and Raf De Keninck, director of Design Academy Eindhoven. They provide their vision on Eindhoven as a design city and the evolving role of designers in society.

New cases about design projects in the city

Additionally, we've added new cases to the website, including "The Many Tree" by Joshua Russo-Batterham—a project funded by Eindhoven Design District. These cases offer a behind-the-scenes look, with designers and clients sharing their perspectives on the intricacies of design processes and the key factors contributing to successful outcomes.

Curious to learn more?

Visit eindhovendesigndistrict.com to explore further. Navigate the main menu to choose between projects or articles. Do you have a groundbreaking design project or an intriguing vision to share? Reach out to program manager Kyra Keuken at kyra@eindhoven365.nl.