New mural is a lasting memory of a special time

05 August 2020
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Tekst Merel Morre Strijp S

With this mural, Eindhoven has a lasting memory of the special period of recent months.

Video message

Early April 2020, amid the corona crisis, Eindhoven365 launched a video message to support all Eindhoven citizens. The video, called 'Eindhoven, Eindhoveners', is the result of a collaboration with local partners Merel Morre (poem), Steye van Dam (voice-over), and Blickfänger (video). The video was viewed almost 200,000 times, shared 1,243 times, and generated 3,600 comments.

A new mural

As a permanent reminder of this special period, part of Merel Morre's poetic text has been given a permanent place on the side of the Apparatenfabriek at Strijp-S, on the side of the Professor Horowitzstraat. The mural was designed by Dave van den Berg and Pim Bens, and the application was made by the latter on 3 & 4 August.

Watch the video here (English subtitles):