Visiting Eindhoven with Deutsche Bahn

21 September 2023
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DB Eindhoven NBTC

How do you excite the German market about a sustainable (train) trip to Eindhoven? Well, by cooperating with Deutsche Bahn. Together with the railroad company, NBTC, and five Dutch cities, including Eindhoven, The Hague, Almere, Utrecht, and Amsterdam, we inspire even more (potential) German visitors.

The cooperation revolves around increasing visibility, in which NBTC plays an essential role with landing pages full of inspiration, such as the Eindhoven page and a designated DB visit page, where you can learn all about Eindhoven's culinary scene, unexpected green oases, and hidden gems. But the campaign focuses even more on increasing arrivals by train, with booked train tickets to Holland as the ideal conversion.

The funnel concept, AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, forms the basis for the campaign. We targeted the target group through online ads through NBTC's channels, and our channels aimed at the same target group. In addition, we attracted attention in early September in both Düsseldorf and Cologne with our presence in public spaces.

DB Eindhoven NBTC campagne 2
DB Eindhoven NBTC campagne

Dear travelers, attention please

Het trechterconcept, AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, vormt de basis voor de campagne. We targeten de doelgroep via online advertenties via de kanalen van NBTC en onze eigen kanalen gericht op dezelfde doelgroep. Daarnaast trokken we in begin september de aandacht in zowel Düsseldorf als Keulen met onze aanwezigheid in de openbare ruimte.