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Another City Trip wins two Influencer Marketing Awards
PR, Awards
27 March 2019

Another City Trip wins two Influencer Marketing Awards

The third edition of Another City Trip has won two awards at the Influencer Marketing Awards in London.
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Another City Trip nominated for international Influencer Marketing Awards
21 February 2019

Another City Trip nominated for international Influencer Marketing Awards

The focus of the Influencer Marketing Awards is to highlight the best influencer marketing campaigns developed with the ...
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AnOther City Trip 2017 wins German Design Award
26 November 2018

AnOther City Trip 2017 wins German Design Award

Influencer campaign AnOther City Trip has won another international award.
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Eindhoven presents: Een Kei Fijne Film
PR, Eindhoven Brand
19 November 2018

Eindhoven presents: Een Kei Fijne Film

A holiday short film with the city as the backdrop and its inhabitants in the leading role.
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Eindhoven Brand, PR, Awards
8 November 2018


The City Nation Place Awards are known as the worldwide Oscars of city & place marketing.
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Eindhoven in Monocle Magazine
PR, Publications
18 October 2018

Eindhoven in Monocle Magazine

Eindhoven is well-represented in the latest edition of Monocle magazine. The November 2018 issue is a Netherlands specia...
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The city marketing organisation of Eindhoven

We believe in Eindhoven
We are Eindhoven365, the formal city marketing organisation of the city of Eindhoven since its foundation in 2012. We believe in Eindhoven. That is to say, we think that this exciting city plays an important role on the contemporary and future stage of creative innovation. Eindhoven is the city of Technology, Design and Knowledge but, above all, it is the city  where these three elements are combined. It are these crossovers which give Eindhoven its energetic dynamics. Only few cities in the world share such well-developed left- and right brain half ecosystem.  It’s up to Eindhoven365 to raise (inter)national awareness of this ‘unfair advantage’ and above all, to make the brand a recognisable one.

This is our driving force
This is our challenge ahead and this is our driving force. It’s a twofold conviction: on the one hand, Eindhoven has to be able to enhance the quality of its public space as well as its offer of culture, shops, leisure time, food & drinks and entrepreneurship to an international level. On the other hand, we wish to promote Eindhoven to the world in an inspiring, powerful and uniform manner. That is where we see our additional value, and that’s where we want to compete: City making and City marketing.

Target groups
Eindhoven is a city with a clear focus. The matching philosophy, on which the city marketing strategy of Eindhoven is based, is therefore called:  ‘who chooses, will be chosen’.  This includes making strong choices in target groups. You will read more about it here.

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We described a course on how we, as a strategic marketing organization, want to contribute to the progress of Eindhoven towards 2020. To do so, we came up with 5 strategic lines. You can read the strategy document here.


An overview of our projects

our team

Peter Kentie

Managing Director

Mark de Greeff

Strategy & Business Development

Marlou van Doorne

Content Development & Traffic

Carline Sterk

Traffic Manager

Cuno Groenewoud

Brand Projects & Events

Tamara Savelkoels

Web Performance & Inbound Marketing

Edwin Blok - van Enck

Head of Social

Aniek Wijbenga

Junior Marketeer

Erik van Gerwen

Inbound Travel Media & Travel Trade

Nicole de Boer


Rik Verhalle

Influencer Marketing Management

Begijnenhof 4-6
5611 EL Eindhoven
Postbus 411
5600 AK Eindhoven
+31 40 707 40 40



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