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Brainport photo by Bart van Overbeeke
  • The question

    How can we exploit the dormant potential of the Brainport region as a conference destination?

  • Our solution

    By working together as Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven with partners to organize congress recruitment.

In numbers

  • 4000 Hotel rooms in the region
  • 20 Conference venues
  • 20 Partners

Since 2017, Eindhoven365 and the Municipality of Eindhoven have conducted extensive research into the city's and region's potential in the international conference market. The study showed that Brainport Eindhoven is severely underrepresented in the international conference market compared to other European innovative regions. At the same time, there is a lot of potential in the Brainport region. With the establishment of the Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven, the first step has been taken, and we can optimize congress recruitment for the region.

Everything shows that Brainport Eindhoven has the potential to attract international congresses: this is not only underlined by congress facilities and overnight accommodation in the region but also by the world-leading technology companies and the leading global position in various technology fields. It makes total sense the heart of Brainport, Eindhoven, is known for technology, design, and knowledge.

About the Brainport region

Every year, the city hosts major public events such as Dutch Design Week, the Dutch Technology Festival, and GLOW, one of Europe's largest light festivals. But that is not the only thing that makes the region special. The region has 790,000 inhabitants and is renowned for its high-tech manufacturing industry, open innovation, and high-quality knowledge of various key technologies. From ASML to the Eindhoven University of Technology, they work together in the regional ecosystem and develop unique knowledge worldwide.

Bio Based Building DDW22 foto Max Kneefel
Dutch Design Week - Max Kneefel
GLOW 2022 foto Riku Männistö
GLOW 2022 - Riku Männistö

The goal

To strengthen Brainport Eindhoven's position on the international congress market, we focus on acquiring, driving, and supporting suitable, knowledge-driven congresses for the region. Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven does this by:

  1. Increase the overall reputation and attractiveness of the Brainport Eindhoven region as a congress destination.
  2. Proactively driving and acquiring profile-enhancing (inter)national congresses.
  3. Fulfilling an objective congress desk function to advise and assist numerous congress organizers to land congresses in the Brainport Eindhoven region.

Strategically recruit and host conferences in Brainport Eindhoven that enhance the profile of technology, design, and knowledge and create a sustainable economic impact for the region.


To achieve our goal effectively, we focus explicitly on a particular type of congress, target groups to be approached, and targeted means to convince them. Brainport Eindhoven is not only attractive for congresses for industry and governments. Association congresses, or congresses of international associations of a particular sector or scientific field, are also at home here. During these recurring events, professionals will exchange the latest knowledge. The focus on these association congresses makes it possible to recruit congresses that match the Brainport region's profile.

In addition, it attracts valuable target groups to our region. The talent we badly need in the Brainport region is in the audience, as are delegates from companies and knowledge institutions. To them, we can show the regional ecosystem during these conferences and inspire them to come here and work with regional companies or further stimulate scientific cooperation.

Attracting the right visitors contributes financially: the estimated spend is 380 euros per participant per day and also contributes to the creation of practically skilled employment, which lands in the SME sector.

Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven advises and assists scientists and other professionals who want to bring such a conference to the Brainport region. You can learn more about planning your event in the Brainport region.

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Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven operates under the wings of the city marketing organization Eindhoven365. Of course, we cannot do this alone; therefore, we work with numerous strategic partners from the ecosystem. These include Brainport Development, TU/e, and the municipalities of Helmond and Eindhoven. Thanks to the contribution from Regiofonds Brainport, an important financial basis has been created to focus on this development through 2025.On another level, we have partnerships with congress locations throughout the Brainport region. These include Congress location NH Koningshof in Veldhoven, Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven, and High Tech Campus.

On our website, convention organizers can call on our bureau to get to know the region and its offerings. You can read more about us and our ambitions on the website. Marc Koppen Ontwerp designed the website with a digital translation by Studio Yorit Kluitman. Digital agency Unfolded provided digital development.