Eindhoven at Dutch Design Week: expo IN DE VOLLE GROND

18 October 2022
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In de volle grond foto House of Yellow

Eindhoven at Dutch Design Week: expo IN DE VOLLE GROND Eindhoven is growing and rising, affecting the ground beneath our feet. How do we lay the foundation for a thriving future for our city? During Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven's exhibition IN DE VOLLE GROND will search for the best design and optimal use of the city's soil.

The basis for a growing city

Eindhoven is a city bursting with lots of plans for the. You can see that in the growing skyline, but primarily underground. The soil is becoming so full that new trees have almost no place to take root. At the same time, current issues such as energy transition, climate adaptation, drinking water supply, and sustainable mobility also claim space.

In de volle grond vibes 2
The world beneath our feet
In de volle grond vibes 1
The world beneath our feet

Foundation for ambitions

It has remained invisible and largely underexposed; the underground hustle and bustle will come to light at the IN DE VOLLE GROND expo. On what soil design can we build the future? How do we create fertile soil so that the city can grow and soon flourish? There are no ready-made solutions or answers yet. With the exhibition, the Municipality of Eindhoven is putting the foundation of the growing city on the agenda.

Underground vibes

Okay, the ground is crowded, but what does that look like? Giving a literal glimpse is not an option here. To capture the imagination more, fffunction studio designed a selection of visuals based on vibes with all kinds of elements you can find in the ground.