Open call: are you the new Domibo Radio host we're looking for?

29 January 2024

Are you a natural storyteller with a flair for enthusiastic presentation? Do you shine on TikTok and Instagram and crave professional experience? And, most importantly, do you have room in your busy schedule on April 3 and 5? You’re in luck because we’re looking for a host for Domibo Radio!

What is Domibo Radio?

Domibo Radio is the go-to guide for navigating the rollercoaster of student life in Eindhoven. A video podcast created for and by students. Edgy, funny (if we may say so ourselves), and informative in the least boring way possible. Domibo Radio is powered by thisiseindhoven.com.

Learn more on: thisiseindhoven.com/domibo-radio or TikTok

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So what do we need you for?

As a seasoned student, you probably still remember the challenges you faced during your early days in Eindhoven – from finding accommodation and making friends to discovering the city's hotspots. Hosting Domibo Radio is your chance to share your wisdom and ensure that future students don't have to navigate these challenges alone.

Who are we looking for?

For our 2024 season, we are looking for a host (or two!) to lead the upcoming season of Domibo Radio.
We want someone who:
- has been studying in Eindhoven for at least 2 years.
- speaks English fluently.
- has a grasp of Dutch culture.
- is eager to gain presenting and content creation experience.

What’s the gig exactly?

We'll be recording five (video podcast) episodes on April 3 and 5, 2024,. As the host, you’ll be sharing your wisdom, interviewing people, and talking to experts. While we've outlined the program, you’ve got a lot of freedom to make it your own!

What's in it for you?

- Get credited for top-notch content shared across platforms.
- Gain valuable presenting experience.
- Get a decent compensation for your time and effort!

How to seize this opportunity?

If this sounds like you, let's connect! Pen a brief motivation and craft a snappy 1.5-minute video introducing yourself. Send both to bo@eindhoven365.nl. You can sign up until Monday, March 4th. After that, we will reach out to schedule initial introductory talks.

Questions? Reach out to bo@eindhoven365.nl.