How it all started

How it all started

How it all started

In early 2022, the city marketing strategy for 2022-2030 was unanimously adopted by the Eindhoven City Council. Under the slogan, "together we own the future", we started our contribution to Eindhoven as the most innovative human city. Of course, we didn't do this alone! We started projects and campaigns for different target groups with various social designers and other partners from the city. This annual review gives you a peek behind the scenes.

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Embassy of Health DDW22 foto Max Kneefel
GLOW Riku Männistö
Koningsdag Bontgenoten kroongenoten


Schil en stronk hagenkamp foto nielsfeijen 14 bak

Mobilising citizens

Our goal for residents is that we will have reached at least 50 percent of Eindhoven residents by 2025, and that 10 percent of them will be actively involved in making their living environment more sustainable. To achieve this goal, we sought cooperation with the social designers of Studio Sociaal Centraal in 2022. With them, we further explored the domain of sustainability. What do residents want in this regard? What initiatives are there in the city? And what interesting projects are there outside of Eindhoven from which we can learn? This research led to a focus for our project. We decided to focus on the intersection of social cohesion and food waste. Wondering how we prevent food waste together with residents? Press the butoon the read the whole case.

Neighborhood Bistro Schil & Stronk

DDW22 Ketelhuisplein kids foto Max Kneefel

Making tourism more sustainable

How can we travel meaningfully? With this question in mind, we are positioning Eindhoven as Europe's sustainable city trip location. But what does this mean in practice? To answer that question, we partnered with design agency Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe. Using design as a strategic tool, they investigated the various facets of a sustainable city trip: the journey to the destination, the activities one does, and the way one stays. We also worked with NBTC on the joint ambition to give sustainability a prominent role in the hospitality sector. In early 2023, the first concepts for Eindhoven as a sustainable city trip location will emerge.

Verbinden van Talenten T Ue Studentlife Bart van Overbeeke 2 1 1

Connecting talents

How could students from different educational institutions collaborate on issues for the city of Eindhoven? We find the answer to this question together with, you guessed it, Eindhoven's educational institutions. In 2022, we mapped needs, opportunities, and challenges around this topic at TU/e Innovationspace, Design Academy Eindhoven, Fontys Pulsed, Fontys ICT InnovationLab, Summa College, and SintLucas. We also spoke to partners in the city engaged in projects at the intersection of design and technology. The conclusion? Above all, we have to start doing! In 2023, we will bring the various partners together to innovate together.

Integratie van nieuwkomers The Creators Hub Jordi Sloots

Integrating newcomers

Eindhoven is becoming more and more international. But how do newcomers fare in our city? And what is it like for Eindhoven residents to see their city change? With the Newcomers program we want to connect locals and newcomers. We do this with partners Holland Expat Center South, Brainport Development, and Expat Spouses Initiative. With design agency Studio Tast, we researched what you need as a newcomer for a 'fulfilling life in Eindhoven'. And we developed a game concept that can help. Next year we will continue testing this City Bingo. You can read more about our first test with City Bingo here!

Betrekken van Design professioals Jordi Sloots The Creators Hub

Involving design professionals

For our Design Professionals program, we work closely with Dutch Design Foundation and the municipality of Eindhoven. Under the moniker Eindhoven Design District, we aim to make design visible and experienceable in the city. The project is made possible by a contribution from Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven.

In 2022, Eindhoven Design District was officially launched during Dutch Design Week with an expo in which we offered a stage to more than 50 design highlights in the city. Also, in 2022, the project website, went live. Here, you can find all the information about our projects, as well as many inspiring cases.

Eindhoven Design District



Of course, with so many great projects, we don't want to focus on the numbers for too long, but while we're on the subject, here is 2022 in numbers:


  • 42.700.000 Online reach
  • 28.200.000 Total reach Google
  • 13.800.000 Total reach social media
  • 638.500 Unique website visitors
  • 700.000 Total reach other channels
  • 302.580 Instagram likes
  • +9089 New social followers
  • 9.744 Facebook likes
  • +2002 New newsletter subscribers
  • 557 Media publications

A selection of the realized publications

Volkskrant Op de Parade in Eindhoven klapt danst en deint het publiek volop mee 400x700 Volkskrant Op de Parade in Eindhoven klapt, danst en deint het publiek volop mee
VPRO Tegenlicht Hoe belangrijke innovaties tegen de klimaat crisis in Eindhoven worden bedacht 400x700 VPRO Tegenlicht Hoe belangrijke innovaties tegen de klimaat crisis in Eindhoven worden bedacht
Soms ook heimwee 400x700 Soms Ook Heimwee
De vaderklap 400x700 Vaderklap
Nederlands dagblad 400x700 Nederlands dagblad
Lonley planet italia 400x700 Lonely Planet
Architectural Digest 400x700 Architectural Digest
Campus Media 400x700 Eindhoven à la folie
23 Horas en Eindhoven 400x700 El Pais 24 Horas en Eindhoven
Interior Design 11 Highlights from Dutch Design Week 2022 400x700 Interior Design 11 Highlights from Dutch Design Week 2022
IDEAT Ce quil fallait retenir de la Dutch Design Week 2022 400x700 IDEAT Ce qu’il fallait retenir de la Dutch Design Week 2022
Visite Deco Retour sur la Dutch Design Week 2022 400x700 VisiteDeco Retour sur la Dutch Design Week 2022
Visite Deco Eindhoven visiter la ville aux multiples facettes 400x700 VisiteDeco Eindhoven, visiter la ville aux multiples facettes
Lebensart Reise Eindhoven Hotspot für Design und Kunst 400x700 Lebensart Reise Eindhoven – Hotspot für Design und Kunst
National Geographic El ovni transformadoen museo 400x700 National Geographic El ovni transformadoen museo
EW Magazine Het eerste verticale bos van Nederland staat in Eindhoven 400x700 EW Magazine Het eerste verticale bos van Nederland staat in Eindhoven
NRZ Tagestrip Lichtfestival GLOW in Eindhoven wird nachhaltig 400x700 NRZ Tagestrip: Lichtfestival GLOW in Eindhoven wird nachhaltig
Wallpaper Explore Dutch Design Week 2022 400x700 Wallpaper Explore Dutch Design Week 2022
WAZ Niederlande Tagestrip Lichtfestival GLOW in Eindhoven wird nachhaltig 400x700 WAZ Niederlande Tagestrip: Lichtfestival GLOW in Eindhoven wird nachhaltig
Condé Nast Traveller Vivir en un silo en Eindhoven 400x700 Condé Nast Traveller Vivir en un silo en Eindhoven
VPRO Tegenlicht In Woensel West kun je betaalbaar wonen in ruil voor vrijwilligerswerk 400x700 VPRO Tegenlicht In Woensel-West kun je betaalbaar wonen in ruil voor vrijwilligerswerk
Catherines Cultural Wednesdays Why You Need To Visit Brabant 400x700 Catherine's Cultural Wednesdays Why You Need To Visit Brabant
NRZ Die etwas unterschätze ideenschmiede NRZ Die etwas unterschätze ideenschmiede
Publicatie Gazet van Antwerpen Gazet van Antwerpen
NRC Cultuur en erfgoed in eigenzinnig Brabant NRC Cultuur en erfgoed in eigenzinnig Brabant
Publicatie Aqua Magazine Design Cities Aqua Magazine Design Cities
Publicatie Wetter The German weather from Eindhoven


We went all out with activation campaigns

Once again, we showed what we have to offer. With various partners in the city, we developed activation campaigns that were visible at home and abroad for almost the entire year. Here are some of our most outstanding campaigns in 2022.

Eindhoven Souvenir

Delft blue clogs, kitschy lighters, and 'I love ...' T-shirts. Who doesn't know them? That's not how we do things in Eindhoven. You don't visit Eindhoven for the ‘what’ but for the ‘why’. In other words: in Eindhoven, you don't have tourist obligations; you visit to experience the mentality. It is precisely this mentality that we shared with the campaign Eindhoven Souvenir.

Eindhoven souvenir header
Eindhoven Souvenir
Eindhoven Souvenir Min Young foto Wouter Kooken

Are you ready to meet the souvenirs?

View Case

Eindhoven has no tourism commitments and that is our strength. People make the city!

Tamara Wouter Kooken

Wrap up the Year

With the 'Wrap up the Year' campaign, Stichting Binnenstad Eindhoven and city marketing organization Eindhoven365 invite visitors and residents to end the year on a festive note in Eindhoven. Not with a traditional Christmas market but with a typical Eindhoven twist to the lively city center.

EHV365 Wrap Up Ribbon Pink Purple 1920x1080
Wrap up the Year
Wrap up the Year cadeaustapel 18 Septemberplein foto Max Kneefel

Click here to learn more!

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Here comes the sun

The longer days and bright sunshine make spring the ideal time to get out and about and inject new energy into the city. Therefore, in collaboration with Stichting Binnenstad Eindhoven (SBE) and creative agency HeyHeydeHaas, a spring campaign has been developed that invites residents and visitors to celebrate spring together in Eindhoven.

The surprising nature of spring comes out in the campaign. For example, the city got decorated with so-called flower interventions at unexpected times and places; this allows visitors to extra enjoy the city in spring spheres.

Campagne here comes the sun 3
Campagne here comes the sun 1
Campagne here comes the sun 2
Here comes the sun
Banier HCTS

Do you want to know more? Click here!

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Bring Yourself. We’ll do the same!

Like to go on a spontaneous trip to Eindhoven by train? Yes, you do! NBTC's 'Bring Yourself' campaign gave passers-by at Antwerp Central Station the opportunity to do so. A hologram by none other than Bart Houben inspired Belgians with the rich offerings of the Netherlands. Two ladies took up the offer and traveled to Eindhoven.

NBTC Bring Yourself videocover
Bring Yourself. We’ll do the same!
NBTC Bring Yourself header

Learn more about this spontaneous city trip to Eindhoven.

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Bobbie’s vintage pop-up store weekend

Bobbie Bodt is a fan of vintage AND Eindhoven. In collaboration with vintage lover Bobbie, we created a pop-up store in the heart of Eindhoven. Of course, we drew attention to the pop-up store with our own social media campaign. And with success! We attracted visitors from all over the Netherlands who came to Eindhoven for a day. This way, we surprised a lot of vintage lovers with the rich offerings of Eindhoven. The pop-up store weekend took place at De Stadsstudio in Heuvelgalerie in collaboration with CBRE.

Campagne bobbie vintage 3
Campagne bobbie vintage 2
Campagne bobbie vintage 1
Bring Yourself. We’ll do the same!
Bobbie Bodt pop up shop

Curious? Click here to check this case.

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Inspiration campaign Expedia

We developed a conversion-oriented online campaign with NBTC and other destinations like Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam. We targeted potential visitors from Belgium, Germany, and the UK. Our goal? To promote Eindhoven as a city trip destination and drive bookings to our city.

Campagne inspiratie campagne 1
Inspiration campaign Expedia
Pastryclub Nick Bookelaar

Click here to read more about this case!

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Dutch Design Week 2022

Dutch Design Week 2022

Dutch Design Week 2022

We aim to involve design professionals even more in the city's transformation. After all, design thinking helps us translate social challenges into human solutions. During Dutch Design Week 2022, we created interactive installations to apply design research actively, in collaboration with several designers.

Embassy of Health DDW22 foto Max Kneefel

During Dutch Design Week 2022, we exhibited our first ever expo(!) about sustainable tourism.

Exhibition Eindhoven Design District

This Dutch Design Week is the official launch of Eindhoven Design District. The project with which we want to stimulate design power in the city and make design more visible and experienceable. On 22 October, we hosted a festive opening at the Eindhoven Design District expo on Ketelhuisplein.

Ddw eindhoven design district
Exhibition Eindhoven Design District
Eindhoven Design District

Read the whole case and learn more about Eindhoven Design District.

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Sustainable tourism exhibition

As a city marketing organization, one of our goals is to make tourism more sustainable in collaboration with VEVDL. The first step: taking stock with the help of the target group. To introduce and discuss the subject of sustainable tourism, George & Harrison and De Reuringdienst set to work on an interactive installation. The installation was used as a conversation starter during the exhibition on sustainable tourism.

Expo 4 foto Britt Roelse
Exhibition sustainable design
Expo 4 foto Britt Roelse

Learn more about this exhibition.

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Eindhoven is growing and rising, affecting the ground beneath our feet. How do we lay the foundation for a thriving future for our city? During Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven's exhibition IN DE VOLLE GROND (in the open ground) searched for the best design and optimal use of the city's soil.

Ddw in de volle grond 1
Ddw in de volle grond 2
In de volle grond foto House of Yellow

Click here to find what that looked like!

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This is Eindhoven

This is Eindhoven

This is Eindhoven's greatest articles

We went through the roof with @Eindhovencity

Social eindhovencity 4
Social eindhovencity 2
Social eindhovencity 3
Social eindhovencity 10
Social eindhovencity 5
Social eindhovencity 6
Social eindhovencity 7

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Highlight events

THE VIBE x Iris Rulkens

For fashion brand THE VIBE we collaborated with various content creators from Eindhoven, including sketch queen Iris Rulkens (@Irisrulkens) for the clothing brand THE VIBE: Official Eindhoven Wear. Her skit about people from Eindhoven went viral with over 418.5k views and 204k likes on TikTok. Instagram also joined in with 156k views and another 5861 likes.

Iris Rulkens THE VIBE 1
Iris Rulkens THE VIBE 2
THE VIBE x Iris Rulkens
The Vibe dec21 33

Check out the case and get to know all of Iris' Eindhoven characters.

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This is a hotspot

Every two weeks, you find the famous red arrow at a different hotspot in the center and at Strijp-S. Which one did you visit in 2022?

Each project requires team effort. That's what makes our work so exciting!

Special projects

Special projects

A new design vision for Eindhoven

We all know Dutch Design Week, our design schools, and breeding grounds like Sectie-C and Strijp-S. Eindhoven is internationally recognized as a design city with a solid and vibrant design community. Yet, we could make much more use of the design strength in our city.

Eindhoven has been innovative for a long time, particularly due to our significant technological lead. But how do we broaden that so that human values are inseparable from innovation? In our strategy document 2022-2030 we already stated: this is where designers are indispensable. It's about strengthening collaborations with (tech) companies, educational institutions, and governments. About structurally involving designers in societal challenges. And to make design thinking and design doing more accessible to all Eindhoven citizens.

The need arose for a new, collaborative design vision for the city to address these questions adequately. Eindhoven365 was closely involved in the creation of that process last year.

The making of the design vision is a collaboration between designers in Eindhoven, design schools, design institutions, design organizations, Dutch Design Foundation, and Eindhoven365, at the invitation of and supported by the Municipality of Eindhoven. An experiment and a coalition such as we may need more of in the future, and which we also hope to deepen.

The design vision will be presented in 2023. The next step is to unlock the strong potential of design in Eindhoven to confidently address the social, ecological and economic challenges we face. Only then can we realize the established ambition to be the most innovative human city. The design field in Eindhoven wants to take that step together with the city. Experiment, decide, learn, and flourish together. That's what the new design vision will be about.

Design visie sessiebram berkien 2022 11 22 16 52 47
Co-creation session design vision Eindhoven - Bram Berkien

Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven

In 2022, Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven went live! We launched a brand new website and recruited an enthusiastic team to structurally strengthen Brainport Eindhoven's position in the international convention market. We focus on acquiring, driving, and supporting suitable, knowledge-driven congresses for the region.

Schermafbeelding 2023 05 01 135839
Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven
Brainport photo by Bart van Overbeeke

Curious? Check out the entire case to learn more about CBBE.

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RegioRadar Eindhoven

Those who enjoy exploring culture outside the municipal boundaries used to spend some time trying to find the regional gems. That's why we launched RegioRadar Eindhoven: the online showcase of the region's cultural, leisure, and sports events. With RegioRadar Eindhoven, the leisure offerings of the region are now accessible in one place. From Oirschot to Deurne, from Reusel- de Mierden to Groote Heide, for young and old. All 21 regional municipalities participate in the network organization and connection to RegioRadar Eindhoven. Their cultural and tourist information is made available in a joint database, after which an editorial team selects the offerings for the RegioRadar and develops campaigns.

Regioradar 3
Case highlight
Regioradar 1

Curious about this collaboration? Check the entire case here.

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New Dutch

We presented a new vision of the Netherlands: New Dutch. Besides the traditional clogs, tulips, and windmills, there is another story about the Netherlands. With New Dutch, Eindhoven as initiator completes the story of the Netherlands.

Strijp S Trudo Toren Leidingstraat Lux Tower foto maxkneefel 01 1
New Dutch
New Dutch 2 foto House of Yellow

Read the whole case and discover New Dutch.

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The Eindhoven Public Library, Eindhoven365, and the Holland Expat Center South joined forces in the joint ambition for the city's new 'living room': Hotspot. A place where, in the future, people from Eindhoven will meet, connect and contribute to an inclusive society. Hotspot will create an accessible place for public debate, information gathering, creative development, and a chance to socialize. There will also be space for exhibitions and experimentation, and newcomers can learn the Dutch language here. Above all, Hotspot will increase the feeling of home for all residents of Eindhoven.

Bibliotheek Eindhoven Ruud Balk
Eindhoven Public Library


In 2022 we took Eindhoven-based clothing brand THE VIBE to the next level with new collaborations and two brand-new collections. And that did not go unnoticed! Local influencers such as Iris Rulkens, Mike Weerts, Marc Dubach, Jeroen Veltkamp, and The Ruggeds shared the brand with their followers. And we launched THE VIBE of ... campaign, putting well-known fans of THE VIBE in the spotlight.

THE VIBE foto Cleo Goossens 1
THE VIBE tshirts foto Cleo Goossens 1
THE VIBE Accessoires foto Cleo Goossens 1
Case highlight
The Vibe dec21 33

Wearing is sharing. Check out the collection.

Wearing is sharing. Check out the collection.



2022 was also a remarkable year for our colleagues at Eindhoven247. The city reopened with a lot of successful events and many visitors as a result. They made their positive contribution to the new city marketing strategy through Tourist Information Eindhoven, counter event organization Park Hilaria, acquisition international sports events and Depot Eindhoven.

Annual review Eindhoven247

City Walking Tour
Eindhoven City Walking Tour

Eindhoven365 x events

Eindhoven is a city of events. As a result, we work with numerous of these events to put Eindhoven on the map, including highlights such as Dutch Design Week, GLOW, STRP Festival, Maker Faire, Jams & Gems, and Dutch Technology Festival. As city marketers, we make grateful use of the attention this draws to the city.

We use our digital channels to increase visibility for these events to attract more visitors to Eindhoven. On and our socials, you will find extensive guides, highlights, tips, and reports of these events annually. And let's not forget the (international) press coverage; through our contacts or in collaboration with partners.

Ketelhuisplein stoelendans foto Max Kneefel

Presentations and inspiration sessions brand Eindhoven

Peter Kentie, director of Eindhoven365, shared his enthusiasm for city marketing, branding, and especially Eindhoven with 22 presentations in 2022. To name a few: Peter presented at Fit For the Future in Roermond. He talked about the history and development of Eindhoven at the Dutch Technology Festival, and partners of Metropolitan Region Amsterdam listened to Peters story during their annual inspiration trip. In this way, we strengthened relationships with partners and peers and inspired them with the Eindhoven brand.

Presentation place branding by Peter Kentie
Brand Eindhoven
Liquid vibes

Get to know the story behind the brand Eindhoven.

View Case

Open Eindhoven

The center is slowly changing into an environment where Eindhoven residents feel (even more) at home and where (international) guests enjoy visiting. The inner city will grow in the coming decades and undergo significant changes. As a result, you sometimes have to make a slight detour. Open Eindhoven means that we as a city will be under development regularly and remain open during the renovation. To enable unambiguous communication about the developments, Open Eindhoven offers a solution. We helped develop a straightforward look for all construction signs in the city center and place-making campaigns and activations in the public space with an Eindhoven-appropriate mentality. Check

Open Eindhoven Soeps Creative Collective
Open Eindhoven - Soeps Creative Collective



The year 2022 brought renewed energy to Eindhoven365 in several ways. After the first quarter, liberated from the Covid hurdles, visitors and residents could experience the city in full glory again.

We started the year with the enthusiastic launch of the new and widely supported city marketing strategy we developed jointly with the city. Eindhoven365 has adapted and optimized its organization accordingly to be ready to realize the strategy and set goals.

We continue and invite our partners, friends, and all Eindhoven citizens to grow together into the most human innovative city. Gratefully, we look back at what we have achieved as a city. We're looking forward meating you again this year.

Peter Kentie, on behalf of Eindhoven365





Since we were established, and thanks to the efforts and energy of many, the city has changed significantly. Eindhoven has become grander, more international and enhanced by new residents, hotspots and events. And Eindhoven365 has grown in step with these changes. Meet the Eindhoven365 team.

Cuno Groenewoud Wouter Kooken 4 medium
Cuno Groenewoud General Manager
Tamara Wouter Kooken
Tamara Savelkoels Program manager city explorer
Kyra Wouter Kooken
Kyra Keuken Program manager citizen & design professional
Rico Wouter Kooken
Rico van Lent Performance Marketeer
Erik Wouter Kooken
Erik van Gerwen PR & media
Aniek Wouter Kooken
Aniek Wijbenga Social Media Marketeer
Renske Wouter Kooken
Renske Mehra Program manager newcomer
Bo Wouter Kooken
Bo Kuijstermans Content Marketeer
Niels Wouter Kooken
Niels Feijen Content marketeer

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