Een Kei Fijne Film wins Audience Award at the Weihnachtsfilmfestival

30 December 2021
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Hey Eindje foto Nick Bookelaar

Een Kei Fijne Film: Hey Eindje, our third end-of-year film, has won an Audience Award at the Weihnachtsfilmfestival.


Europe's only Christmas Film Festival has been presenting the Christmas theme in all its wonderful and curious variations for five years now. National and international feature films and short film programmes shed new light on the old-fashioned Christmas theme. Besides comedies, the programme also includes critical, tragic, satirical and scary movies. Knowing that the Christmas season polarises many people, it is worth embracing the 'Spirit of Christmas' wholeheartedly. During the dark time of the year, the cinema becomes a magical place that makes you think, moves you and sometimes puts a smile on your face.

Een Kei Fijne Film 3 Theo Maassen foto Nick Bookelaar
Kei Fijne Film 2020 Nick Bookelaar

Een Kei Fijne Film: Hey Eindje

'Hey Eindje' is a short feel-good film as a gift to all Eindhoveners, with well-known locals such as Theo Maassen, Margôt Ros, Steef Cuijpers and Huub Smit. It is the third film in our Een Kei Fijne Film series. The story revolves around Carolien (Margôt Ros), who ends up in an empty and dark house on Christmas Eve during her move back to Eindhoven. She accidentally stumbled upon a remarkable invention by her father. It turns out to be the first smart speaker in the world but from the 1970s! Unwittingly, Margôt activates this smart speaker with the words 'Hey Eindje'. It awakens the smart speaker and unconsciously sets in motion a series of events that turn her Christmas Eve into an unforgettable evening. Besides well-known Eindhoven locals, this film also features various Eindhoven entrepreneurs.

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Hey Eindje' was developed in cooperation with video production company Cutjongens and screenwriters Theo Lexmond & Merlijn Passier. Cutjongens is known for 'De Groeten van Gerri', the first Dutch corona feature film. The cast and crew of 'Hey Eindje' consist almost entirely of people from Eindhoven. Watch the movie here: